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Oh man it’s Friday night and nothing to do but sit down and keep typing away at the big story of mine. The thought of finishing it loomed in the back of my head as I opened up the word document and looked over at all that I’ve written these past few months. I smile while slowly scrolling down through almost thirty pages worth of work till I get to the bottom and see where I had previously left off.

Just as I start typing away at the keys on the mechanical keyboard I see the blinking cursor move backwards, deleting letter by letter, then word by word. I gasped and looked down to see if the backspace key was stuck and after pushing it a few times I realized it wasn’t me that was deleting my own work but something else. I frantically started hitting the undo button to try and save my work from being removed from existence. Once that didn’t work I basically said to hell with it and closed the document and when prompted to save any changes I immediately clicked no and relished in the fact that I saved the story.

With a smirk I reopened the document expecting to see all my work once again but instead found a blank document. I was ready to break down and cry at this point, months of work down the drain. This was supposed to be the biggest story I’ve ever written in all the years of writing short stories and now it was just gone. I held back the tears as I let out a sadful sigh and was ready to click the big X at the top right when I saw letters start to appear on the screen.

Maybe it’s time you experience what every man has gone through in your stories. Don’t worry my dear creator, it’ll be a pleasant experience and don’t worry about your big story, I wouldn’t ever want that to go to waste. ~ EWL

I couldn’t believe what I was reading and then seeing the initials. There was no way the Ebil Witch Lady existed, she was a fictional character made up by a close friend of mine and I a few years back. Ever since she’s been the premise of most of my work and has grown to be quite the character. So how on earth could she be typing to me? It was just some joke someone was trying to play on me, right?

That was then when I felt a shiver rush through my body, starting from my toes and going all the way up to the top of my head. I shook my body trying to get rid of the feeling but wasn’t having any luck.

Hmm… let’s see where we should start with this. I’m thinking long slightly wavy maroon colored hair, like what you gave Madelyn. How do you put it again? Oh that’s right, you’re a sucker for the red heads.

I gasped as I felt a weird tingle on the very top of my head. Before I knew it dark red hair was growing rapidly in my face and had just reached a bit past my shoulders. I pushed the loose strands away from my eyes and couldn’t believe it, I had the hair like I had given to Madelyn. My mind wasn’t processing everything right away but I knew this had to be some weird dream, one that I could only hope I’d wake up from soon.

After giving my head a shake and making my new hair go wild and not doing what I wanted, I settled with pushing the right side behind my ear. At least it was out of my way for now. Just as I was somewhat used to the new hair I saw more letters start to appear and closed my eyes trying to avoid what was next.

Hmm… you’ve always given the new girls rather big breasts, I would know. So I think it’s only fair that you get the same treatment. I’m thinking a pair of big plump DD’s? Does that sound familiar to you? This gift is from everyone...

I knew I wasn’t going to have much choice but be forced to see what was now typed and I immediately regretted it. Oh boy did I know this one was coming, and it wasn’t because I could feel that same tingle directed right in my chest. As I’ve probably described countless times I could feel my nips changing and becoming more sensitive as they began to rub against my shirt. The skin behind them started to expand slowly outward, first forming little cones before filling out into what could only be described as breasts. Oh man were they getting heavy and as I looked down I almost could have drowned in the amount of cleavage I had.

I actually had to stop myself from playing with my new tits but they were so sensitive and huge! As I was about to start I remembered what had caused this and looked back at the computer screen, trying to be rather careful not to jerk too much. The last thing I wanted was to cause my breasts to bounce all over.

Enjoying your new… assets? Good. While you were busy contemplating playing with them you probably failed to realize that you’re waist caved in a bit or the fact that your hips are now child bearing sized. Oh well, I hope you know where this is eventually going… Woops forgot to sneak in a nice big ass to match. Done.

I looked down and was shocked to see my much wider hips but I was soon surprised with that tingly feeling running down my back right to my butt. I felt the same pulsing sensation as before, only this time I could feel my rear expanding and making my seat feel more comfortable.

Whatever she was doing really needed to stop right this instant. I didn’t want to be a girl, I was a guy! But the way my body felt right now was unlike anything I’ve ever felt. Is this what my characters have gone through? Because it actually feels wonderful…

Wait… what was I saying? This is totally wrong and is just a dream… It has to be a dream…

Nope still not a dream. Now usually I’d go through the other motions at the same pace but I feel like speeding things up a bit. Before you finish reading this your twig and berries as I prefer to call them will have disappeared into your new reproductive system. Afterwards your legs will have become smooth and shapely with dainty feet. While I remember I should probably do something about that face of yours…

As I read the newest paragraph from the person who claimed to be my Ebil Witch Lady, the changes happened rather quickly. I could feel the emptiness between my legs, speaking of legs I could feel the obvious difference. I knew I was a young woman at this point, it still felt like just a dream, one that I would hopefully wake up from soon.

I couldn’t really see my face through the monitors so I grabbed my phone and took a selfie. Without really thinking about it I just made a cute face with a big smile. Holy crap was I surprised to see how cute I looked, definitely dating material right there.

To bad you’re already married and expecting a little one. Oh woops I forgot to mention that. Sorry!

I was focused on taking more selfies and figured the changes were over with. Obviously I was wrong and at first failed to notice my stomach start to grow and expand outward. It wasn’t until I had finished taking my like fifth selfie that I noticed my tummy getting rounder and much bigger. I instinctively put both of my hands down on either side and gently started rubbing my big belly until the changes finally stopped. I was probably about six months along at this point and my shirt was pretty much useless.

That was soon to change as my both of my breasts started to fill up with breast milk and getting slightly bigger. My shirt as I said before that was worthless shrunk till it was just under my breasts, from there it changed to a different material as the sleeves turned into soft thick straps. My breasts felt like they were being supported and I realized my shirt had changed into a cute maternity bra.

I was now a young pregnant woman, just like so many of my characters. I looked back at the computer screen and saw yet another message start to appear.

I hope you and your husband have fun Danielle. Speaking of husbands your dear roommate from across the hall won’t know any better it will be as if you’ve both been married all this time. Also ever since you’ve gotten pregnant you’ve been quite horny which your hubby just loves! Have fun dear… ~ EWL

I blinked a few times after reading the final words, whatever I had been reading before had turned into quite a story. One of those erotic novels that were all the rage right now. All I could think about was getting into bed with my husband right this instant. Almost as if on cue, he walked into our bedroom and saw me sitting at the computer reading.

He just laughed and walked over to me, giving me a deep passionate kiss before helping me up from the chair and over to the bed. Tonight was going to be just like any other night, full of love and passion...
Just something rather quick and simple. The Ebil Witch Lady has somehow managed to become real and decides to have fun with me...
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Iis18 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Really cool story! It's always fun to see tg writers get transformed. I like the reactions to the changes, seems pretty realistic. Anyways, another great story featuring the Ebil Witch Lady. Hurray~
halfpint51 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
:D I haven't TG'd myself in quite some time (most likely years at this point) so I figured why not?
EmporerOfFire Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
The whole "Ebil Witch Lady becoming real" thing sort of reminds me of Channel Awesome's To Boldly Flee, where Doug says that eventually characters get so developed that instead of the writers telling them what to do, they stop being just characters and tell the writers what to write. I like that concept.
halfpint51 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
That's how I've always felt about the Ebil Witch Lady. She's my favorite character and has that personality of "taking over". This story was more just a quick write to help get the creative juices flowing. But I might try and do another at some point.
EmporerOfFire Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
hdhdhdhdhdhd Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
very nice tg pregnant
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