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It was the time of the season where Halloween had just passed and Christmas was still far away, the month where the leaves continue to fall and everyone gathers around a table and eats a big dinner. At least that was supposed to be the case for two friends, Nick and Henry.

Nick had been asked by his parents if they could visit for the week of Thanksgiving because they wanted to meet this “girlfriend” of his. The one that he had been so kindly telling them about for the past few months. The issue was Nick didn’t have a girlfriend and had failed miserably to try and get one, so he had no one to show off to his parents. Nick had been getting desperate and on the day his parents were to arrive at his apartment, he called his best friend Henry to stop on over.

Henry was a bit skeptical, because Nick had mentioned something about using some “magic” book he took from his parents’ house a while ago. He claimed it would be the answer to his problems and that Henry would help. Henry had no clue what on earth Nick was talking about and was still asking himself that question when he was standing outside the door to Nick’s apartment. He knocked on the door and waited for Nick to come answer it. In that brief period of time Henry thought about just walking away, but it was too late when Nick answered the door.

“Hey man, glad you could show up. Come on in and so we can get started with cooking,” Nick said. He moved aside so Henry could walk in.

“Yeah so why exactly am I here? I know for a fact it isn’t to help you cook dinner for your parents…” Henry replied as he walked towards the kitchen. Nick closed the door and locked it. “You mentioned something about solving your girlfriend problem?”

Nick just laughed and walked over to the couch and grabbed what looked to be a leather bound book with some odd symbols on the front. He explained to Henry that this was the key to his success and it was then that Henry realized why he was called over in the first place.

“I’m not doing it, Nick. You can go fuck yourself if you think I’m going to willingly participate in whatever sick fantasy you got going on. Wait, this is just like those stories you read, isn’t it? Some guy’s best friend tricks him into coming over to their place and is forcefully turned into the guy’s girlfriend. Well fuck you it ain’t happening!” Henry said as he began to walk towards the door.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that Henry,” Nick laughed as he set the book down and walked into the kitchen to start preparing some things. “Besides right as you walked in the door the spell started, so just sit back and enjoy the ride.”

Henry’s emotions were in a mix between scared and fascinated. He had read his fair share of stories about men turning into women that Nick had shared with him, but he wasn’t exactly keen on it happening to him. He was about to speak his mind once again, but instead had a coughing fit.

“God… Damn it… Nick…” he managed to say in the mix of his coughing, barely noticing that with each bout of coughs his voice was changing. “Water…”

“Huh, so it’s starting with the voice. Odd.. never heard that one before. Water? Yeah let me grab a glass for you,” Nick smiled as he went and grabbed a glass out of a cupboard and filled it with some cold tap water. “One water for the soon to be attractive lady in the apartment.”

Henry just glared daggers at Nick with that last comment and quickly emptied the glass, setting it down on the kitchen counter. He continued to cough a bit more but it wasn’t nearly as bad. This second round had only lasted for about a minute before finally fading and allowing Henry to clear his throat. It was then that Henry realized just how high and girly his voice was.

“What the hell? What. The. Hell. Oh my god Nick I sound like a chick!” Henry gasped as he covered his mouth with his right hand.

Both of Henry’s hands had slimmed down dramatically and looked like he had just gotten his nails done; a nice dark shade of purple tipped each nail. Henry’s first thought was that this would look good on a girl their age, but then the realization came back and hit him in the face. He started to notice that his hair was falling in front of his eyes and went to push it aside.

“I don’t remember my hair being this long or color… Ugh god damn you Nick! Your obsession with red heads has gone too far! This isn’t even a natural color of red you dick! This is like… what the hell is the color called that’s like a mix between red and purple?” asked Henry who could only watch his hair grow until it reached past his shoulders and restyled itself.

“I want to say maroon? But your color of choice doesn’t really match that,” Nick replied as he looked at Henry’s hair and gave an approving nod.

Nick had just started peeling the potatoes and getting them prepped to be boiled. He was going to make mashed potatoes. Henry didn’t seem to like the fact that his full attention was focused on carefully slicing the potatoes and putting them into the pot of boiling water. He didn’t vocalize his thoughts mind you, so he went and washed his hands to start helping Nick.

As he washed his hands, his arms slimmed way down to match his hands. He either didn’t notice or didn’t care. He began prepping the stuffing, the smell making his noise tingle. What was really happening was his face was getting softer and a bit rounder as bones and muscle shifted around. His lips plumped up which was something he could feel because they felt heavier.

“I-I’ll be right back…” Henry muttered as he rushed off to the mirror in the bathroom.

The brisk walk to the bathroom felt like miles for Henry; it didn’t help that his hair was constantly getting in his face and he started to feel a bounce on his chest. It was rather obvious what was beginning to form and he knew it was going to be rather annoying if he didn’t find something to fix the issue. By the time he reached the bathroom he was reaching about a B-cup, which he thought wasn’t bad. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror he took a look at what had changed so far.

He was sort of impressed by how he looked, at least how the top half looked from what he could see. At least until he felt like his chest was going to lunge out from his body. It looked bigger and was jiggling a bit from the sudden growth, and then it did it again, making them even bigger.

“Holy crap… These are freaking huge!” he exclaimed as he grabbed his new assets to make sure they were real. “God damn you Nick! You could never be happy with a woman who had small tits, could you? Jesus these things are heavy!”

Nick could make out bits and pieces of whatever Henry was saying and he just chuckled to himself.

Henry walked back to the kitchen, unaware that he had shrunk a couple inches. His feet had shrunk, as well, while the tips of his toenails were painted the same shade of purple. His legs had lost all signs of hair while they slimmed down. He did feel a shift in his hips as they widened, it almost threw him off balance. He felt like someone was grabbing his butt and quickly turned around to see what was going on. Nick was just laughing and watched as Henry’s butt expanded out into a pert heart shape, if he had been wearing sweat pants it would have been a sight to see.

“Nice ass sweet cheeks,” Nick said as he busted out laughing.

Henry quickly turned around to face Nick, his cheeks red as an apple. He wanted to combat that smartass remark but he couldn’t get the words to leave his mouth. Nick just smiled and made a comment about the final change should be happening soon. He heard a small “meep” like sound come in the direction where Henry was standing.

“Well I can only assume that the final change finally happened, must feel weird not having a penis anymore. I mean I wouldn’t know because I still have mine,” Nick smirked as he continued preparing the food.

“I-it’s gone?! You… bastard! Change me back this instant! I don’t want anything to do with you anymore. I’m leaving right this instant!” Henry yelled as tears started coming out of her eyes.

Nick turned around and saw how upset his friend was. He didn’t say anything and turned back to the food. He knew he would just have to give it a few minutes and he’d be alright. Despite what Henry had said, he or rather she continued to stand there until she eventually calmed down. She walked past Nick in the kitchen and continued where she left off. There were a few things left to do before they got the turkey in the oven. Neither said a word to each other.

A couple hours had passed and the rolls were only thing left that needed to be put into the oven. Nick had gone to the bathroom so it was up to Henry to put them in there.

“Don’t worry about it I’ll put these rolls in the oven, Nick” said Henry as she grabbed the cookie sheet with the rolls and put it in the oven.

As soon as she was finished, she doubled over against the stove. Her stomach felt like it was about ready to empty its contents. She groaned in pain as her stomach began to expand forward, at a certain point it began to round out. When she thought it was over she looked down and saw that her stomach looked rather big.

“Nick! You son of a bitch!” Henry screamed upon realizing what was wrong.

Nick came walking into the kitchen upon hearing Henry screaming his name. Henry had turned so she was leaning against the oven, giving Nick a clear view of the surprise.

“Mind explaining this one? I better not be fucking pregnant you asshole!” she again yelled as Nick considered leaving the kitchen. “Nick! What the fucking fuck is wrong with you?”

“So… I may or may not have told my parents about a special surprise…” Nick said as he kept his gaze off of Henry.

Henry was furious, as she should be. Not only did her best friend turn her into a woman, she now looked pregnant. She wanted to walk up and straight up punch Nick in the face for what he did to her, but something held her back. She wasn’t quite sure what exactly was holding her back, but she knew that Nick was very lucky.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sudden knocking of the door to the apartment. Both Nick and Henry froze, neither having a clue who could be at the door. At least until they heard a voice ask Nick to open the door and let his parents in.

“Coming mom,” he replied as he quickly walked to the door and unlatched the lock, opening the door after.

“Hello sweetheart, oh we are so happy to see you,” Nick’s mother said with a big smile as she embraced her son into a hug.

“Hi son, long time no see and what not… uhh… we brought the pies,” Nick’s father said as if he was meeting a stranger for the first time.

Nick just laughed and gave his dad a hug before stepping aside to let them inside the apartment.

“Oh my, you must be Nick’s girlfriend, Holly. I’m Mary and this is my husband Roger, we’re Nick’s parents,” Nick’s mother said as she went to give Henry a welcoming hug. “Oh! Is this the surprise Nick was talking about?”

Mary was clearly referring to Henry’s extended stomach, so she just gave her a side hug. Henry returned the hug while giving Nick a questioning glare. Henry introduced herself to Nick’s father before excusing herself and Nick to the back bedroom.

Nick’s parents told them to hurry on back so they could start eating dinner soon. Henry grabbed Nick by the hand and practically dragged him to the bedroom. Once inside she closed the door, with the intent of slamming it shut but didn’t want to cause a scene.

“Okay, what the fuck Nick? What kind of fucking name is Holly? You couldn’t choose a better name that starts with an H? Or did you choose that because it starts with the letter H and ends with Y, like my name?” Henry now Holly asked as she put her hands at the sides of her pregnant stomach. “Ugh… Do you even know how much this sucks? The whole pregnancy thing, I mean do you even understand how freaking heavy carrying three weights on the front of my body feels like?”

“Umm… no? Besides I personally think Holly is a cute name for a girl, and since you’re now a… how do I put this… umm… you’re freaking hot for a woman! Maybe that’s just my taste in women talking, but I honestly think you look really good. Also that spell just changed you to what you would have looked like if you were actually born a girl… I didn’t choose any of the specifics,” Nick responded, trying to explain things.

“Really? Then why the hell are my tits so freaking big? No one in my family is this big, so you can’t pull that one on me.”

“Think about it, you’re pregnant. What usually happens when women are pregnant?”

That last comment had shut Holly up. She knew he was right about that part but she still didn’t think her breasts should be that big. It was at this time she realized that she had been lacking a bra and blushed when she muttered about it to Nick.

“Well it’s a good thing you have come clothes in the closet, so you go change and I’ll go back and chat with my parents,” Nick said as he walked towards the door and stepped out. “Just come on out when you’re done, honey.”

If Holly had something in her hand, she would have thrown it at Nick as he walked out the door. Left by herself in the room that belonged to Nick, she didn’t have a clue how she was going to find anything that would fit her. The thought of checking the closet crossed her mind but she didn’t believe that there would be anything in there. She thought about it for a bit longer before deciding to give it a shot.

Much to her surprise there was a nice selection of clothes intended for a young woman her age.

“That son of a bitch… He’s been planning this for a while now, hasn’t he?” she muttered aloud as she walked into the closet.


“So how long have you two been together, Nicky? You weren’t joking about your surprise, I’m so happy for the two of you. You’ll make great parents,” asked his mother with a big approving smile.

“Well we’ve known each other for quite a few years, it had just been a few months ago that we started dating. We kind of had a bit of an accident a few months ago and well here we are,” Nick replied while checking up on the food.

His parents had been talking about how happy they were for the both of them, along with how happy they were knowing they would soon be grandparents. Nick was just happy that his plan had worked so far, without any suspicion from his parents. He was just hoping that Holly would hurry up and change into something more fitting so they could hurry this visit up.


Back in the bedroom, Holly was struggling with trying to find something decent to wear. She had very little knowledge of women’s clothing and the fact that she looked pregnant (she hoped that was the case) didn’t help the situation either. She came across a pair of sweatpants, the thought of what Nick had said earlier crossed her mind, making her blush and tossing them out of the closet. Afterwards, she wasn’t having much luck finding anything that would look comfortable to cover her lower half, so with her head hung low she walked out of the closet towards the sweats that were on the floor.

With sweats in hand she slid her left leg in followed by the right, then quickly pulling them up till they were just barely touching the bottom of her round belly.

“Wow these are actually comfy… No wonder chicks wear these all the time. Ugh, Nick better not say a damn thing about this or I’ll hurt him,” she muttered to herself as she walked back to the closet to find a top and something that would stop her breasts from jiggling when she moved.

Holly tried on a few tops, ranging from blouses to sweaters. She eventually decided on a nice blue sweater that covered her obvious pregnancy and didn’t make her breasts look even bigger. Under the sweater she managed to come across a maternity bra that fit nice and snug on her frame and she felt a huge sense of relief.

Satisfied, she walks out of the bedroom and directly to the bathroom so she can get a better look at herself. She was happy with the choice she made, the clothes matched a bit and the best part was they felt comfortable, so she could care less on how she looked. So she walked out of the bathroom and right towards the kitchen where everyone else was.

As soon as she was past the hallway that led to the bathrooms and bedrooms, everyone stopped talking and turned to look at her. She felt her cheeks starting to warm up, a clear sign that she was blushing. Holly was used to having a lot of attention since she used to be one of the head football players back in high school, but there was something about the attention Nick and his parents were giving that just made her blush.

“Wow, you look great,” Nick said, breaking the silence between all of them.

“Umm, thanks?” Holly replied quietly as she walked over and sat down in one of the open chairs. “I hope I look decent enough… It was the only comfy clothes I could come across.”

Mary just laughed, “You look great sweetheart, as long as you’re comfortable, then who cares what you have on, right?”

“Yeah what she said,” Roger said with a light hearted smile as she took a sip of coffee from a mug in front of him. “Now that she’s here, let’s eat!”

Holly was about to get right up and help Nick carry things over to the table when Mary told her to stay put and the rest of them would take care of it. She just shrugged and sat there while the three carried stuff over to the table, until it was all there.

Once everyone was seated at the table, Roger led them through a quick bout of saying grace before they all dug into the food. Holly thought about eating a light meal but then she figured she was eating for two now so might as well eat more. She had Nick sitting next to her and he would occasionally look over at her with a smile and a few times even rubbed his hand on her pregnant stomach, hoping to keep the charade that they were a happy couple. It seemed to be working, which really surprised the two, but they weren’t about to jinx it.


Once their early dinner was finished and everything had been washed and put away, the four were hanging around in the living room and casually chatting the hours away. It was around 9 o’ clock when Holly decided that she was tired enough and excused herself to bed. Nick yawned in response and said he’d probably be joining her in a few minutes. Neither parent were that tired and decided that while the two went to bed to watch a bit of TV.

Holly had walked off towards the bedroom, Nick had followed her to make sure she made it safely, at least that’s what he told his parents. Everyone had said their goodnights and the like as the “couple” made their way down the hall and towards the bedroom.

“Thank you so much, Hen--… Holly. I couldn’t have done this without you,” Nick whispered in her ear as they walked into the bedroom.

“Mhmm… You owe me big time,” Holly replied with a yawn in between.

The two changed into their respective pajamas, their backs turned away from each other so neither could see the other naked. Now clothed they both hopped into the queen sized bed, the two were laying as far away as possible from each other without falling off the bed. Both were asleep within the span of twenty minutes, happily dreaming the night away.


“Do you really think we should do it? I mean, I don’t agree with the idea that Nick did that to his best friend, but we can’t just exactly end the life of an innocent…” Mary asked her husband as they were discussing on what to do.

“Our son messed up and in his act created new life, therefore I think it’s only fair that we do it,” Roger replied to his wife as he held the book that Nick had used.

“Well… Let’s get it over with then, I can’t wait till we’re finally grandparents…”

Both of Nick’s parents read the spell in a quiet tone, a spell that would fix what Nick had done to Henry and himself. As the two slept, their minds were slowly changing to fit the new roles that Nick had put them in, while the rest of their reality altered. Henry no longer existed, just Holly now, a new life was now cradled deep in her womb.

The spell had finished its work and both of Nick’s parents smiled at each other. Both leaned in and kissed each other, more of a reward for a job well done.

“It’s getting late dear, I think we should probably follow suit like the other two and head off to bed,” Roger said sweetly as he took his wife’s hand.

“Lead the way, Grandpa,” Mary giggled and gave her husband’s hand a generous squeeze before being led to the bedroom.

Roger just chuckled, it would take some getting used to being called a grandpa or labeled as a grandparent from then on.
Just a random idea I had a few weeks ago, the kind that wouldn't go away until I wrote it. 

Despite the fact that it's no longer November, the story takes place during that period of time.

I love the concept behind this story because I made fun of myself and basically TG stories in general, something that I normally wouldn't do but to hell with it. C: I had fun with this story and I hope it shows in the writing.

When a friend gets desperate to find a girlfriend in time for Thanksgiving, he enlists the help of his best friend. Whether that friend wants to help or not.

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DemonwarriorDarkLink Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015
thats called fixing :/ why not seperate henry from holly? like a personality split...
halfpint51 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Not my style of writing :/
DemonwarriorDarkLink Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2015
ok... still they did take a life anyway...
TomBrans1 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2014
Despite the unwilling transformation I would not mind to stay fixed in my change into a (pregnant) woman .... . Love this story anyway, despite (or just because of) Nick's clumsiness ..... .
blarghblarghblergle Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014
Nick's parents seem remarkably happy and such about effectively murdering Henry.

And right after they talked about how it would be wrong to end the life of an innocent.

Septis-Sylim Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Also notice how they out right change reality so that Henry was always Holly but they do nothing about making it so the new reality doesn't have any wars, suffering, famine or diseases. Friggin' pricks
halfpint51 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Well I see you have different views on what I would consider "murder" in a TG story. I don't agree with "identity death" being that the person has been killed off, they're still there just not "there" if you will.

They didn't end the life of an innocent, they just altered the fabric of reality to make things easier between Nick and Holly. But in the end it's your opinion. -shrugs-
blarghblarghblergle Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014
That's kinda worse than death. They erased someone from existence. They made it so that person was never born to begin with and replaced them with someone different. If there exists and afterlife in this setting, they prevented Henry from even getting that. He is gone more completely and thoroughly than he would have been if they had simply killed him.

They ended the life of Henry. Henry is no more. Holly has been created in his place, but Henry is certainly dead. So, yes, they ended the life of an innocent.

I'm not seeing how "erased from existence" doesn't equal "murder". I don't see how "identity death" doesn't equal "death". This doesn't seem to be a case of different viewpoints or opinions, this seems to be a case of willfully ignoring the obvious.
TheTgPerson Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Did they actually end his life. Is his consciousness gone? No it's not. Henry is still there somewhere deep down. Now Henry is Holly. Henry is Holly, Holly is Henry. They're the same. Ever see Ace Ventura? How about people who undergo sex changes? They leave behind their old identities but they're still there. It's just a story dude.  
blarghblarghblergle Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014
Does Holly remember being Henry? If not, even if he is somewhere "Deep down" he is effectively dead. Or he's forever trapped in his own body, completely powerless.

If Holly does not remember being Henry, Henry is dead or worse. If Holly remembers being Henry but has had her mind modified to be okay with it, then that is brainwashing and is still pretty monstrous. If no mental alteration was done to Henry/Holly and she's still okay with what happened, it is much more acceptable but still kinda iffy if anyone else's memories were modified in any way.

Ace Ventura and real world sex changes are obvious completely different because no memory alteration or brainwashing is involved. I'm not sure why you even brought them into this conversations when they clearly aren't relevant.
TheTgPerson Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Dude stop trolling. You're not being funny and it's clear you don't care about this since any of your arguments are as weak as a card house. Do you troll people online because you have some sort if need for attention you never got from your parents?
blarghblarghblergle Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014
You claim that my arguments are weak, but I felt that I have presented pretty good arguments thus far. Instead of trying to refute my arguments, you simply state that they are "weak" without any evidence and then go and accuse me of being a troll, again with out any evidence.

Expressing my opinion and presenting calm and logical arguments for why I believe what I believe is certainly not trolling. You don't get to dismiss everything I say and/or try to frame me as abusive or a "bad guy" just by crying troll whenever you don't like what someone else has to say. Especially when you follow it up with a baseless ad hominem attack.

TheTgPerson Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure, whatever you say. Your arguments are the same thing just rephrased. 
halfpint51 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Or you're over thinking/reacting about something rather dumb. It's just a story. So if you don't like it then go read something else. Most of my stories involve "identity death" so I don't understand why you choose this one out of all 100+ stories to throw your little fit. 
blarghblarghblergle Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014
How is my response to your story "throwing a little fit"? I simply responded like any sane person would to the events of the story, particularly its ending. At no point did I rant or rave or behave irrationally. I really don't understand how that can be seen as throwing a fit.

As for most of your other stories: I assume that in those stories the Identity Death isn't somehow supposed to be seen as a good thing and is treated as the horrifying act that it is. That is, you write a horror story and it is presented as and seen as a horror story. If this is not the case, then yes, I would say that your other stories have the same issue (that is, you wrote an unintentional horror story). Of course, all that is irrelevant because we aren't discussing your other stories at this point, merely the one right here. And it seems to me that not only is everything that I said about it completely valid, but at not point did I "throw a fit" of any kind. I simply noted that I found the events of the story completely horrifying and explained why. 

Again, I see nothing unreasonable about my response, I responded to the events of the story as most people who actually think about it would. If you write a horror story, you should expect people to react with horror. If you write a story where something horrible happens in it, you should expect readers to say "oh my god, that was horrible".
halfpint51 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
And once again you share your unwanted opinion. Just because you view TG fiction as horror stories doesn't mean the rest of us do. Honestly I'd love it if you dropped the issue and go bother someone who actually gives a damn on what you think.

I write stories that may involve identity death. Big freaking woop. Nobody is holding your face against the screen and forcing you to read my work. Don't like it, don't read my stuff. Simple as that.
blarghblarghblergle Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014
So you are saying you only want to hear comments that praise your work? Any criticism or critical thinking is right out? You don't want to hear anything that might contradict your pre-existing beliefs and feelings?

At no point was I rude or abusive. All I am guilty of is sharing my opinion. It may be an opinion you don't like, but that shouldn't matter. I stated what I thought and why I thought it, I presented my argument calmly and rationally, and you're acting like I'm a bad guy for doing so. I don't get it.
halfpint51 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I have not once said I only want to hear comments that praise my work. I prefer criticism but your "opinion" does not fall under that. I mean honestly if you don't like this stuff, stop reading it and write your own stuff.
(1 Reply)
hdhdhdhdhdhd Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014
TheTgPerson Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That twist at the end had my eyes widen man. Did not expect that. 
halfpint51 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
TheTgPerson Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Laser-Wing Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This was fun to read. And TG stories needed to be made fun of for a while.
halfpint51 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you. C:
Iis18 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Ahh. What a good story! That twist in the middle and that plot twist ending were really cool. And uh. Since Holly looks like how Henry would as a girl and such, it's kinda not super evil, I guess. And I guess in a way the parents kind of had pity on Henry while also keeping the two together. Whether it was justified or not, it was a good read and a cute story. It's like an alternate universe where everyone's happy. I like it. I look forward to future stories too! Keep up the awesome work~
halfpint51 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Haha yeah that twist in the middle, helped come up with a name for this story. 

Never really thought about the parents taking pity on Henry, I was thinking more along the lines that it was a punishment on Nick, in a way to fix everything.
Iis18 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
ahh. That makes sense.

Again, great story!
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